The customer of the travel agency wants to have the most complete information as quickly as possible!


Only a clear communication system with information in one place will allow you!


The market for tours and tickets is very turbulent. We will show you how to succeed through better communication with clients.

The best way to get a new person interested in a foreign or domestic holiday is to increase customer care to the maximum possible level.

Today, however, only automatic professional software for contact centers will provide this – everything you need in this regard can be found in the Daktela system!

It is travel agencies who need to know their customers very well in order to offer every year what their tourists want to know. Our customer care system will provide you with a perfect overview of the history of communication with a given specific customer.

And how does this system actually work?

The Daktela contact center system has a practical function, the so-called sophisticated call distribution, where the software automatically recognizes the calling customer and uses the available data to transfer it to the operator or employee who would best and quickly meet his request.

Thanks to the automatic distribution of calls, it is possible to handle customers about 30% (ie about 2 minutes) faster, and thus also significantly reduce costs.

odbavte vase zakazniky az o 30% rychleji

This system completely eliminates lengthy switching to the right person, which would normally delay the customer. Therefore, if a regular VIP customer of your travel agency, who regularly travels to Egypt by sea for 14 days, calls, the system will automatically switch him to a dealer with whom he has spoken in the past and who specializes in this area and can best acquaint him with all news and current tour prices.

A customer history set up and displayed in this way is a very important part of customer care, because the client has a feeling of a pleasant and very personal approach in the communication system set up in this way.

Nowadays, it is also very important to offer customers a feeling of security and safety, thanks to the fact that they can be sure that they will ALWAYS call the infoline. This means,
for example, setting up a crisis line, which is available 24/7.

The basis is the speed and availability of information

Those interested in a trip or stay want to get as much information as possible today directly
on the website of the travel agency. In addition to data on individual resorts, they also expect fast communication via webchat.

Automatic communication based on artificial intelligence will immediately answer individual questions using keywords. The interested party will learn the current offer in the given location as well as the prices, because the system uses data from available internal online databases.
If the client subsequently confirms the interest in a specific offer, a notification is sent
to the selected seller of this travel agency, who then calls the customer and adjusts the other details of the order by phone.

Thanks to the automatic system of answers within the web chat or possibly e-mail communication, you will not lose your customers, because it will obtain relevant information about the trip or stay in the fastest possible time.

The “Daktela WebChat” module allows you to easily and quickly add live web chat to your website. In addition, this module can be integrated into your CRM system and helpdesk.
The operator of your contact center already sees at the start of the chat which customer it will chat with, including all previous communication history.