User’s Own Greeting Messages

Vlastní uvítací hlášky uživatele

Daktela allows you to use your own greeting messages when making calls. In practice, every Daktela user can record and set their own beginnings of phone conversations. Here’s an example:

I, Lukas, work in the sales department and make dozens of calls during the day. Most phone calls begin by repeating the welcome phrase: “Hello, Lukas Klacik, Daktela.”


I record this buzz via my phone and use it only for incoming calls. Similarly, outgoing calls with user introduction can be solved. In addition, the call can be subsequently triggered, switched off or replayed as required by the user during calls. It is possible to solve also replay of GDPR personal data protection etc.

This function can be of great help if users repeat a similar action 100 times a day.

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