Virtual Call Center Software

All communication channels in one application


Daktela virtual call center software unifies customer communication, including its history and detailed statistics. Whether the client calls, writes an SMS or e-mail, contacts on social networks or webchat, everything is displayed online in a single solution.


As a customer-centric business owner, your top priority should be to provide your customers with quality customer service by connecting them to knowledgeable agents with the skills and tools to resolve the issue quickly.


Without call center software, your agents will constantly miss calls, lose valuable time to manual dialing and routine tasks, and face angry customers tired of being kept on hold and having to repeat themselves to multiple agents.


1200+ customers are using Daktela virtual call center software


Virtual call center is accessible from anywhere

Virtual call center is a cloud-based solution where all customer enablement employees can operate remotely in various locations. They support all customer communication channels to create the best customer experience. The employees could work from home or office space from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, they are connected with customers and colleagues through virtual contact center software. This has many upsides, like providing customer support in different time zones and reducing overhead costs.

Create your virtual call center quickly

Once you’ve deployed your virtual call center software, all your agents need to do is log in, learn the system, and get to work. For a virtual call center to work, your agents need a computer, a reliable internet connection, and perhaps an IP phone or headset. The call center works depending on how you set it up but generally speaking, you can use the software to collect caller data, configure call flows, serve multiple communication channels, get instant communication history of a customer, and provide detailed reporting. So in one web application, you can see the history of all phone calls, emails, web chats, SMS, and messages from selected social networks.

Support of all standard voice features

Virtual call center supports all the standard voice features – transferring a call, placing a call on hold, background music, parking a call, attended and blind transfers, call forwarding, identification of the incoming caller, call pick up and hunt groups etc.

Call Recording

Call Recording of both incoming and outgoing calls is standard. This includes all transferred calls both internal and external. All Recordings can be retrieved and played from the web interface provided.

Local and international phone numbers

We can assign you with a regular fixed number (Direct dial) from 60 countries world-wide. In addition, we can also provide local toll-free services of non-geographic numbers for any of the 60 listed countries.

Change your aging call center to omnichannel virtual contact center

contact center is a hub for managing customer communications and customer service across multiple channels, including phone, email, live chat, messaging, and social media. Customer-facing teams use a virtual contact center software as a single platform through which they can handle conversations coming in from all channels.

Contact centers use digital channels – such as email, social media or live chat, in addition to phone – to engage with customers. In comparison to using the phone as the single channel of communication, using different channels helps in delivering faster solutions and better customer experiences. For instance, with email, you can distribute the load across the team better. Plus, since agents can handle three or more chat conversations in parallel which also reduces staffing/workloads.

Customers have become more digitally advanced. To keep up with the evolving expectations of customers, brands have expanded their support on different channels. This gives customers the freedom to raise their issues and seek help from any platform they prefer. With the right contact center technology, brands can effortlessly interact with customers and deliver an omnichannel experience.

Email with ticketing

Integration with company email. Consolidate all related email communication into helpdesk tickets. Your customers can enter new ticket requests via phone, email, web chat, SMS and social networks. Use ticket categories, priorities, custom fields and measure SLA.

Add webchat to your website

Easily add webchat to your website or e-shop and customise your webchat to match your website design. Handle many different live chats at a time. Agent can see the webpage where the live chat was initiated or can transfer chats to other agents.

Enable other social media platforms

Communicate with your customers over the largest social networks. Including attachment and picture support. Process multiple chats at the same time. Daktela virtual call center supports Facebook Messanger, WhatsApp and Viber messaging.


The importance of real-time virtual call center reporting and analytics

You have a lot happening in your virtual call center. Every action your agents take, every customer activity creates data that reflects the specifics of that activity and how it affects your operation on a higher level. While this raw data is nice, it’s also endless. You need quality reporting and analytics tools to get actionable insights which then allow you to find and fix any issues.

Contact center panels and dashboards give managers, supervisors, and agents a quick yet detailed look at the state of their contact centers. This analytics resource center allows you to customize the contact center reports and key findings you want to see.

Realtime panel with live monitoring

The Realtime panel is designed for the management of your contact centre operation. It shows the current status of logged in agents, queues, open activities across all channels, etc. It is also possible to use the panel to live monitor phone calls.

LCD wallboards

Daktela Wallboard is an application which provides a clear display of the immediate status of the contact centre on an LCD screen or in the browser. Each individual team leader view can be customised with the help of predefined widgets.

Historical statistics and reports

Daktela Reporting offers a full range of predefined historical reports for all supported communication channels. It can be used by team leaders to evaluate the performance of their contact centre.

Automate routine communication and repetitive tasks with Daktela virtual call center software

Automate routine communication and tasks so your live agents can focus on higher value work. Daktela uses AI technology to understand what customers want and provide it quickly—without the use of a human agent.

Customers are increasingly looking to self-service options to find quick and easy solutions to their problems. Businesses that provide these contact options are positioning themselves for success, while those that don’t are likely to struggle with customer satisfaction.

Daktela AI Virtual Agent lets you deploy self-service support for your virtual contact center that delivers a more conversational and engaging experience across both voice and digital channels.

Daktela AI Virtual Agent works 24×7

Virtual Agent leverages the latest AI technologies (natural language processing, speech recognition, text-to-speech) to deliver an intuitive, effective resolution of customer requests without a live agent through voice and messaging channels. Virtual agent never gets tired or sleeps and working 24×7.

Automate calls with robocoller

Daktela Robocaller is an automated dialling application which requires no agent involvement. This is a special outbound campaign that dials phone numbers automatically according to an exact set of rules that you create. You can use Daktela AI Virtual agent to automate and understand speach.

Simple development with design studio

Daktela AI Virtual Agent provides easy to use no-code tool for simple and fast development. Quickly build, deploy, and manage virtual agents across the channels. Create seamless handoff to live agents and provide context for faster resolution.

Virtual call center software that provides actionable insights to your agents and business


The customer 

Does everything he needs without waiting. Uses any communication channel anytime. Create authentic customer connections and solve their problems the first time.

The operator 

Has all the information about the customer clearly available, no matter where he works from. Deliver a more human experience by empowering your agents with all the tools they need.

The call center supervisor

Has an overview of the situation in the team of operators and can react quickly as needed. Streamline contact center operations and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Virtual Call Center FAQ

Q: Can I cut costs with a virtual call center?

A: Traditional on-premises call centers have plenty of overhead. Things get expensive when you factor in the costs of real estate, office renovations, technology, service costs, upgrades, and management. A virtual call center drastically changes things.

  • it reduces your need for office space and enables remote agents
  • flexible scaling, you can add new or remove agents easily
  • team flexibility to work from anywhere, higher from cheaper areas
  • lower overhead and much more affordable service costs
  • constant technology advances, free upgrades
  • start with modules and communication channels you actually need, add more anytime later

Q: Can you integrate the virtual call center with other software?

A: Daktela application ecosystem is constanstly enriched by new application integrations. Daktela virtual call center software offers many integrations with many CRM, ERP, e-shops, WFM or back office systems. Many of these integrations can be easily turned on right within Daktela interface.

Q: Which communication channels I can use with Virtual Call Centre?

A: Daktela virtual call center software supports voice, email, webchat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber channels. You can choose which channels you want to use.

Q: What kind of support is available with virtual call center?

A: We provide 24×7 customer support. Customer support is available via phone, email, or webchat.

Q: How reliable is virtual call center?

A: Daktela virtual call center is powered by Daktela Cloud. It means a thoughtfully built infrastructure emphasising performance, redundancy, efficiency, security, and scalability. You can read more here. We also provide online status of all Daktela services at