When You Need to Work from Home… with Daktela It’s Possible!

Když je třeba pracovat z domova

If you have access to the Internet, then our solution allows you to work from anywhere. By using the Daktela application you can work from home, as if you were still in the office. This flexibility allows you and your colleagues to continue to work as a team even while apart. By working from home in this way you can also help keep your loved ones safe in the current crisis.

Our system is available through any standard web browser. It makes geography irrelevant as you can work next to each other or many miles away. You make and receive calls through a softphone on your PC, your own home telephone or even your mobile phone. You can even record all telephone calls across all the above devices if you need.

Daktela also allows you to deal with emails, webchat and social media messages. Our Helpdesk functionality allows you to track and review a complete communication history. This history is across all channels and helps you deal with any specific customer’s query. Managers can view live and historical statistics on all remote workers. This ensures they can manage team performance in line with agreed objectives.

Even before the current crisis many of our existing customers choose to work in this way. Working this way provides more flexibility in recruitment and helps the environment. Offer your employees the opportunity to work from home to help at this difficult time. Afterwards continue to offer this and create a more flexible workforce. At the same time help reduce your organisations carbon footprint.