When’s The Best Time for Training?

Daktela When's the best time for training

Have you ever heard your people say:

“On our old system we had a button that did this…” /  “This system isn’t as good as our old one.” and ever wondered why?

I have worked for a variety of Contact Centre vendors and it’s always puzzled me why new system training happens so close to the go live date.

Whenever I’ve asked the trainers their response is always “Ah well, if we trained them too well in advance, they would forget what we showed them.”

So the trainer’s main objective is to ensure your people can use the system effectively, rightly so, but what if that system is not as effective as it could be? What if something crucial is missing, an essential button that saves your agents time and helps them do their job more effectively?

At Daktela we adopt a different approach

Our system training begins as soon as it is sold, giving your front-line people an understanding of the new system, what it can do and how it can help. That way they can provide input at the start and we can tailor and develop the features to suit. Then as we approach the go live, we run further training to ensure your people are up to speed and can use your system effectively.

Right from the start, we partner with you and your people to ensure your system is as effective as it can be for your business.

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steve2Steve McSherry, Commercial Director of Daktela UK