Why Daktela Is an Omnichannel System And Is Ideal for Your Company

Proč je Daktela omnichannel systém EN

In recent years, the requirements for customer service systems have changed dramatically. A few years ago, companies invested huge sums of money to buy a voice processing exchange, plus a third-party record processing system and, at best, poured more money into the CRM system where they processed emails. In the worst case, operators work on a shared email within Exchange and use flagging by color to at least somehow recognize what to do. Then came the era of webchat, so companies bought another system for processing chat. And now social networks are in vogue and with it the necessity to get another system into this disparate mosaic. But in most cases the result is total chaos! Operators have to log on to five different systems, each with some different data, searching for information through multiple systems is the operator’s nightmare. And for supervisors, monthly reporting means a weekend killed in dozens of Excel spreadsheets and trying to copy / paste the right numbers into the right boxes.

In response to this, various companies around the world have attempted to incorporate external systems for processing other communication channels into their, mostly email systems, so that the administrator can at least control them from one location and the operator has the option of SSO (single sign-on) login. So they created a multi-channel system that helped solve at least the most pressing issues in terms of management and setup. However, there remain critical problems in the form of multiple vendors for each communication channel, which means much more complex support, not much savings in terms of cost – all vendors want to make “something” out of it, and most importantly – such a system cannot provide overall reporting. Although most providers of multichannel solutions resolve again with separate reporting of another vendor, this again brings increased costs and possible problems with support and flexibility.

Since the very beginning, Daktela has been following its own development of individual communication channels, and as one of the few companies in the world it can provide a full-fledged omni-channel solution. A solution based on a unified data model, with a unified management and distribution of activities and a unified API interface. Only the omnichannel system can offer total flexibility in distributing client requests to operators, along with unified reporting and the ability to export all data to external systems using the HTTP REST API. As a result, Daktela Contact Center can offer operators and supervisors a simple and clear graphical interface with a great deal of customization. At the same time, it offers relatively easy integration into external systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP.

But we will talk more about this some other time soon.