AI-mazing Workforce Management

Shifts happen. Simple tool for omnichannel contact centre shift planning with built-in attendance tracking. AI-driven scheduling and forecasting.

AI-mazing simple Workforce Management for Call Centers.

Shifts happen. Simple tool for omnichannel contact centre shift planning with built-in attendance tracking. AI-driven scheduling and forecasting.

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Welcome to the next generation of Workforce Management designed for today’s workforce

Daktela Workforce Management (WFM) merges advanced AI technology with a simple user interface to assist you in enhancing staffing and scheduling choices, minimizing administrative workload, and providing excellent service to your agents.

Reduce manual scheduling work
Create an optimal agent shift plan
Remove guesswork and assign the right number of agents
Transparent shift plan accessible from anywhere

Solution trusted by renowned brands

Drive cost efficiency

Improve agent utilization by having the right number of agents working on the right tasks. Reduce manual work with shift scheduling, stop agonising over complex spreadsheets.

Reduce agent turnover

 Increase agent experience with modern and transparent scheduling experience that supports work-life balance. Give agents more control over their schedules and shift preferences.

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Increase customer satisfaction
Achieve service goals with accurate forecasting that aligns with your business. Happy agents make happy customers.


Generate accurate traffic forecast that utilizes historical data

Improve your planning by anticipating customer demand with accurate AI-driven forecasts based on historical data across multiple channels. Easily edit and adjust forecasts in real-time to stay on top of changes.

agent shift scheduling
workforce management agent shift scheduling

Schedule optimal shift plan and utilize traffic forecast and agent preferences

Create efficient schedules that enhance agent utilization while maintaining service levels. Utilize live data and adherence monitoring alongside a user-friendly drag-and-drop editing interface to simplify change management.

Agent self-scheduling

Give your agents more control over their schedules with our shift preference, trading, and holiday management tools. They can easily submit their availability, request shift changes, trade shifts with colleagues, and manage their holidays from anywhere using our user-friendly web application. Our workforce management tool works from anywhere and any device.

Accurate Forecasting

Maximize forecast accuracy with AI algoritms, leveraging historical and real-time data for precise predictions.

Optimised Scheduling

Optimize scheduling through automation, leveraging shift templates, break rules, agent skills, and KPI objectives for maximum efficiency.

Omni-channel support

Create forecasts and schedules tailored to your omnichannel workflows, ensuring seamless support across multiple communication channels.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain immediate insight into agent performance to support real-time decision making.

Google calendar

Effortlessly sync schedules with Google Calendar integration in Daktela WFM. Empower agents with easy access to their shifts and enhance scheduling efficiency.

Micro shifts

Embrace operational flexibility with 15-minute shifts in Daktela WFM, unlocking unparalleled agility in your operations.

Payroll export

Easily monitor agent attendance and ensure adherence to schedules. With just one click, export working hours data for payroll processing.

Shift requests

Empower agents to take control of their schedules, vacation and enhance work-life balance, and ensure smooth operations with streamlined request processing.

Transparent and affordable pricing

  • Monthly price per agent €20

    Includes all AI-mazing features of workforce management like generating optimal shift plans and traffic prediction. Includes 24x7 support.

  • Monthly price for admins and managers Free

    Users who do not have shifts scheduled are free.

  • Configuration, setup and training €300

    We are available to assist you at every stage of the implementation process. You have our support.

  • Custom integrations (per hour) €96

    It brings us joy to connect Daktela WFM with your system. Share with us your requirements.


What is workforce management in call centres?

Workforce management in contact centers is like organizing a party. You want to make sure you have enough people (agents) to serve your guests (customers) at the right time. This involves guessing how many guests might come (forecasting), scheduling your helpers (agents), and checking if everyone’s doing their job well (monitoring).

How is number of agents predicted?

Predicting the number of agents is like guessing how much food you’ll need for a party. You look at past parties (historical data), see how many people usually come at different times (call volumes), how long they stay (average call time), and use this to guess how much food (agents) you’ll need this time. It’s like a smart guess!

Why is workforce management important in the call center?

Imagine a restaurant. If there aren’t enough waiters during busy times, customers wait too long and get upset. If there are too many waiters when it’s slow, money is wasted. In a contact center, workforce management ensures the right number of agents (waiters) are there at the right time, keeping customers happy and costs in check.

How can workforce management makes happier agents?

Good workforce management is like a well-planned school timetable. It ensures agents (like students) aren’t overloaded, get breaks, and can balance their work-life stuff better. It also makes sure they aren’t sitting idle. Just like students prefer a well-scheduled day, agents are happier when work is well-planned.

How can workforce management software save money?

Workforce management software is like a super-smart shopping list. It helps you buy just what you need and when you need it. So, instead of hiring too many agents (like buying too much bread) and wasting money, or too few and making customers wait (like running out of bread), the software helps you get it just right!

Can I integrate WFM with other systems in my company?

Yes, that’s correct! Daktela WFM offers an API that can be used to integrate with third-party systems. Additionally, it allows for the export of payroll source data for your agents.

How long does it take to implement Daktela WFM?

We understand how challenging it can be to find a best workforce management tool that is both user-friendly and easy to implement. That’s why we have developed a solution that we believe can be utilized by call centers in just a matter of hours, without the need for extensive training. Our goal is to make your job easier and more efficient, so you can focus on providing exceptional customer service.

What is best workforce management tool for call center?

There are many workforce management software tools. But many of them are complicated or have unfriendly user interfaces. We want to change that, so we have introduced Daktela Workforce Management – simple, easy, powerful and for the best price.