Your Customers Journey through your Helpdesk…


Taking calls from customers or prospects is the lifeblood of your business. Keeping the business moving forward, expanding, ensuring you provide a great customer experience, that’s what it’s all about.

But what happens when you start to lose track of who called and when? What about outstanding actions? Are you on top of things?

You need a Ticketing, or Helpdesk system.

There is lots to choose from but it’s vital you keep all your customer contact in one place. That you can see the complete customer journey. That you’re able to easily track where you are, what you’ve done, and what’s outstanding, no matter if it’s a call, email, social media, text message, Webchat, or simply a note or two.

I know of one client who has, quite literally, thousands of customer contacts. All of them are in their Daktela Helpdesk. When they call or send a message its easily added to the “case”. Ask them a question about one of their many clients, and they can tell you quickly, and easily, exactly what’s going on.

Just imagine your customer journey, simply laid out in front of you. Easy to read, and see what’s been written, sent and received. Also, why not listen to the call that was made or taken? Click on a button and listen to exactly what was said.

A Helpdesk, or Ticketing system, makes it easy for your clients too. They can track and trace all their queries remotely. Give them the information and updates, without having to talk to them at all! Of course, you might want to talk to them, to give them the good news.

You can save on email licenses too. You only need one email address and can distribute emails to your whole team, just like a telephone call. They can all send and receive emails, and calls. Make life easy for your customers and your staff. If you haven’t already taken advantage of a Helpdesk Ticketing system, I’d urge you to consider one.

Author:               Shaun Holmes | Professional Services Manager
Published by:    Daktela UK ltd