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We are an experienced team of telecommunication experts who have been dealing with virtual PBXs and contact centres for over 18 years. We are one of the largest Central European players offering cloud solutions. We develop and operate one of the largest VoIP cloud infrastructures in the CEE region, which is relied on by over 1200 satisfied business customers every day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to humanize communication between companies and their customers and inside the companies and thus create real connection and trust. We want to bring companies, their customers and employees closer together.

Our Path

David Hájek and Richard Baar put into operation the first interstate Czech-American VoIP link between two Asterisk exchanges.
They founded the Daktela company as a pioneering company that, in the age of digital switchboards and low-quality Internet, took the path of VoIP technology.

In the following years, Daktela established itself on the central market.
The founders are focusing their development efforts on the call center market. This market has its own specifics, primarily high requirements for availability, support and degree of customizability. In the same year, they developed the Daktela 3.0 system, which, thanks to support and the SaaS sales model, was successful among the first large companies. Based on customer feedback, the product underwent a complete redesign, which resulted in the release of Daktel 4.0. This version worked for almost 5 years, during which the originally call center system became a multi-channel system for customer care with support for voice, SMS, email and web chat channels.

At that time, Daktela became a leader in the field of multi-channel contact centers and gradually began to acquire foreign clients.
In 2016, the latest version of Daktel 6.0 was released, which was designed from the ground up as a multi-channel application with support for any communication channels, including social networks, and support for a large number of modules that further improve the capabilities of the contact center, starting with a module for speech recognition, process automation, help desk system or customer satisfaction surveys. It also includes an integration platform that makes it easy to connect to external CRM or ERP systems (MS Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.), e-shop systems (Shoptet, Shopsys and others) or authentication services (GApps, MS Exchange).
In 2018, Daktela opened a new branch in Great Britain. Expansion into Poland followed. Daktela is already a global company and its solutions are used by companies all over Europe and in many other countries. Daktela has customers from Vietnam, Mexico and the Middle East.
In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic changed not only the world, but also Daktel. As part of the COVID19CZ initiative, Daktela communication software is becoming a basic building block of the tracing contact center of the Czech Republic. Daktela becomes an active part of the fight against the pandemic. Our technological solution became the basis of Smart Quarantine. Its heart was the installation of the Daktela V6 application, adapted to support epidemiological tracing processes, i.e. calling the infected and their at-risk contacts. In this project, Daktela collaborated closely with the Army of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Health and the ÚZIS and practically all hygiene stations in the Czech Republic, led by the chief hygienist.

In 2020, Daktela also acquires a sales presence in the Philippines, which is one of the largest call center markets in the world.
Daktela opens another foreign branch, this time in Hungary. In a market with dynamic development in the field of IT, nanotechnology and especially in the e-commerce sector, we provide call center operators with comprehensive solutions for virtual switchboards and contact centers.

In the middle of 2021, the Slovak fund Sandberg Capital will invest in Daktela. This connection allowed Daktela to expand even faster in foreign markets. Within five years, Daktela wants to become number one on the CEE market in terms of contact centers and customer care.
Daktela opens branches in Romania and Slovenia and makes a key product acquisition. He buys a majority stake in the company Coworkers.ai, which is a leader on the Czech market providing its own intelligent chatbots and voicebots based on Natural Language Processing technology. At the same time, it gains an internal dedicated AI team that can continuously create technology whose primary goal is to make work in call centers more efficient and automate selected simple scenarios.
Daktela is significantly expanding its product portfolio. The field of intelligent chatbots, voicebots and mailbots is represented by the Daktela AI Agent product line. Daktela Workforce Optimization helps with traffic management in call centers and other shift operations. Among the new and expanded functions, for example, the Daktela Intelligence analytical tool based on Daktela’s integration with BigQuery. Automated Machine Detection (AMD) helps in active call center campaigns. Daktela is also expanding its portfolio of telco services.

In 2023, Daktela opened a branch in Serbia.

Leadership Team

We appreciate the skills of our people, we expect ownership and responsibility,
we believe in human approach, we celebrate successes and learn from mistakes.
David Hájek
Founder & Chief Global Officer
Richard Baar
Karel Vůjtek

Our Values

Daktela Fairness


We are fair to our employees, customers and to ourselves.

Daktela Simplitity


We simplify everything we can.

Daktela Courage


We have the courage to take unexplored journeys to find the best solution.

Growing together with Daktela

Growing together

We grow together with our customers and employees. We always have the solution that customers need at the moment. We give our employees the opportunity to move on.

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