How to build an active call center?


Only with Daktela system!


Activities in the call center can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Operators actively address customers with an offer (Outbound)
  2. Customers call the call center themselves because they have a request or query

If you run an active call center and want to have it under control as much as possible, know about the activities of individual operators and be able to monitor the settlement of individual requirements of your customers, then the ideal solution is to the Daktela modular system.

The campaign module of the Daktela system enables the simple import of telephone numbers, including a clear web configuration callscript, which will be displayed to the operators.
In addition, the current status and performance of campaigns (including the work of operators) is recorded and displayed in real time with clear statistics and reports.

The efficiency of your call center with Daktela will significantly increase!

Your call center operators will be able to call customers with a single click, so they do not have to dial entire phone numbers. In addition, they can call several campaigns at once, because the call scenario for the current number is displayed on the monitor screen and the data obtained from the contact can be recorded directly in dynamic forms.

Daktela allows you to set 3 ways of dialing:

Manual dialing

This dialing method is used by operators to start calls manually by clicking a button. Before dialing, the operator will see a form with information about the call and can then call directly from the form. After the call, the operator can manually select the call status and close
the form.


Progressive dialing

In the case of progressive dialing, Daktela automatically loads a form for the operator, which the operator can study for a specified period of time. Subsequently, the system calls the contact itself, so the operator can focus 100% on the call.

If not connected correctly, Daktela automatically closes the form and loads the next form to call. If the system calls the customer, it is the duty of the operator to fill in and close the form.

Predictive dialing

In the case of predictive dialing, Daktel automatically forwards calls to contacts and then distributes the connected calls to operators who are free. Daktela calculates the speed and number of spins based on a number of parameters – such as the callability of the campaign
or the number of free operators in the campaign.


What about calls without the presence of operators?


In the Daktela system, you can use Agentless or Robotic calls, where you can manage the implementation of a given campaign without the operators of your call center. This is a special outbound campaign, where Daktela automatically calls out according to the rules you set. Robotic calls are monitored, so you can listen to clients’ answers or keep them as proof of the legal obligation to inform the client.

Most often, a single fixed message or a dynamic message is defined for robotic calls and thanks to the text to speech service, you can tell the customer exactly what you need.

A single fixed message could read, for example, “Your invoice is overdue, please pay it as soon as possible. Thank you.”

The dynamic message will then add specific data / data from your internal system and may read as follows: “Your invoice in the amount of XXX is overdue, please pay it as soon as possible. Thank you.“

As the operators of your call center are performing, you can always have a clear screen …

Daktela Reporting has tools for real-time reporting designed to manage the operation
of contact centers and a large number of reports displaying historical statistics.

The “Daktela Wallboard” application is also extremely practical for a clear display of the current status of the call center on LCD screens or in the browser. The wallboard can be assembled by the team leader from pre-prepared widgets.

Of course, the system also enables fast and easy export of all historical statistics to CSV or Microsoft Excel formats according to defined filters, which you can then further process
in PivotTables.

Other advantages of operating an active call center
in the Daktela system:

  • Easy setting of operator substitutability. Active call centers usually have a larger turnover of operators, so it is very important to be able to switch records according to the current need for calling, either manually or automatically.
  • Easily defined forms, including dynamic ones. Each campaign can have its own specific form. Writing papers or notes in notebooks thus becomes a thing of the past, because everything is recorded directly in Daktela.
  • Ability to call multiple campaigns simultaneously. Different types of campaigns can be called at once, addressing customers can be divided according to regions or type of clients.
  • Use of operator call monitoring. The ideal solution for training a new operator, where the supervisor sets up listening and the operator starts calling. The supervisor automatically hears the call in their headphones, even remotely.

* Running an active CC saves the time needed to call your entire campaign, but it is also more advantageous for the operators of your call center, because they will be more successful and can, thus, receive a higher reward for the same time.

The most common areas of use:

  • NPS – marketing survey
    of client satisfaction
  • Financial Services – new opportunities, overdue invoices, etc.
  • Sale of New Services / Products
  • Appointment Setting –
    for business people