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Conversational artificial intelligence for routine communications. Welcome to the customer care revolution!

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Implement virtual agents in your customer care, reduce
financial and personnel costs for customer support
and process more customers

  • Automate routine communications and save costs
  • Increase the efficiency of your contact center without increasing
    the number of operators
  • Provide real-time help and answers to customers 24/7
  • Handle thousands of conversations in any language at once
  • Get important data about your customers’ needs
  • Provide a smoother and more interesting shopping process
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce customer support costs and improve ROI
  • Communicate with your customers in a tone that reflects your brand identity
  • Ideal for seasonal fluctuations, staff turnover and unexpected situations

Choose an AI agent according to your needs

The basis of the Daktela AI agent is NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, developed
by our Coworkers.ai lab. Our bots naturally handle more complex conversations and deliver
a stunning client experience.

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Daktela Chatbot

Daktela Chatbot represents the latest evolution in customer interaction. Compared to classic chatbots that work based on pre-set scenarios, it offers sophisticated algorithms for contextual reasoning and thus a similar approach to solving problems as a human. Daktela Chatbot remembers the context of the interaction, allowing customers to find answers to complex questions more easily and quickly. 

All of this is based on advanced artificial intelligence that can answer
a wide range of questions, whether it’s basic information about your business or specific questions about your products or services.

Thanks to Daktela Chatbot, you can improve the customer experience and increase the efficiency of your customer support.

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Daktela Mailbot

Daktela Mailbot uses AI to interact with users via email. Mailbot
is designed to respond to emails just like real people and has
the ability to interpret message content and provide relevant responses.

Daktela Mailbot can be programmed to perform various tasks, such as answering customer questions, providing information about products or services, sending notifications about news or offers and sending reminders of planned events, etc.

Mailbot is designed to be very efficient and save time and costs that would otherwise be associated with manual processing of email messages. Mailbot can provide personalized answers and support
to customers 24/7.

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Daktela Voicebot

Daktela Voicebot is an intelligent voice assistant that can contextually respond to your customers’ questions in real time and have
a sophisticated conversation with them. It is able to provide accurate and useful information and resolve both common and more complex customer issues.

With Daktela Voicebot, your customers will feel as if they are talking to a live operato r who is ready to give them a quick and accurate answer to their every question, without unnecessary waiting or pressing buttons.

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Daktela RBM (Rich Business
Messaging) bot

Daktela RBM bot allows you to communicate with customers in real time through various communication channels such as SMS, chat applications or social media and provide them with a richer and more interactive communication experience than traditional text messages.

All this is thanks to the use of multimedia elements such as images, videos, buttons or interactive elements that allow customers to make orders or reservations without having to leave the conversation.
You can use Daktela RBM bot for customer support, marketing communications or when selling your products and services.

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What is the Daktela AI agent solution
based on? 

  • Our own natural language processing solution
  • Contextual solutions using AI
  • Predictive approach
  • Low-code solutions
  • UX and collaboration

According to statistics from Gartner, virtual agents help companies reduce
the number of calls, chats and emails handled by humans by up to 70%.

Don’t waste operators’ time, leave
the routine to bots

According to statistics, a modern virtual agent can replace
the production of more than 20 experienced operators. The efficiency of your contact center can thus increase by several percent, immediately after implementation.

Increase order conversion

A virtual agent increases the overall quality of customer care, which logically increases the conversion of orders from your web service.
In this way, you will gain far more new customers in the same amount of time.

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Immediate and sophisticated answers

More and more customers expect some form of response practically immediately when communicating with an e-shop or trading company. In addition, the answer is as sophisticated as possible, which will really help the clients to solve the given request. This is most reliably handled by a virtual agent.

Improve customer relationships

A virtual agent manages to quickly and reliably help with the selection of a suitable product or service. It can give advice or recommend
the next procedure or solution to a possible problem, for example
in the case of a complaint. At the same time, it is always helpful, willing and friendly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Conversation like talking to a live operator

Today, modern virtual agents are able to conduct a dialogue with
a person on a large number of routine topics, moreover, they understand the intention of the specific customer with whom they
are communicating. They can even recognize their mood and also
the essence of what they actually want to tell them.

Thousands of conversations at once

Even very experienced operators can handle only a limited number
of conversations at a time, while modern virtual agents can easily handle thousands of them. The more recurring requests and queries that need to be addressed, the more useful this AI tool becomes.

Quick customer identity verification

Thanks to voice biometrics (sophisticated speech recognition), virtual assistants recognize who the person is based on their voice and will connect them to the appropriate operator or the right department.

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