AI-enabled omnichannel solution improves customer communication


The world of social media and other modern communication options have raised overall customer expectations, not only during the shopping experience itself, but also, for example, in the area of advice and other related services. They have simply become more demanding, especially in terms of speed of response, which must also be sufficiently professional. Yet improving the customer experience should be one of the main objectives of companies and organizations. This is where the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools are helping them today.

How customers perceive your brand is ultimately based on their customer experience. A consistent and innovative CX (Customer Experience) has a great impact on the overall business performance. That’s why redefining the customer experience has become a top priority for businesses.

Most contact centers face several key challenges in their communications. For example, many businesses operate in a siloed model where visibility into the customer journey, i.e. how they actually learned about the customer, is completely missing. As this is one of the very important factors, the contact center needs to move under a unified omnichannel model


As customers become more and more interested in communication, contact center agents often do not have time to service all channels, increasing queuing time, which customers end up leaving frustrated. The solution is to automate communications, and by adopting call center trends in general, companies can overcome the above problems and improve overall customer support KPIs.  

Omnichannel communication provides customers with better contextual support across all channels, whether they use a computer, mobile, phone or prefer a more personal touch. Because omnichannel is consumer-centric, it allows for easy and seamless navigation between a company’s various touchpoints. Customers don’t want to have to repeat their requests at length. They want an agent to know their history and resolve the issue in the shortest possible time.

Unifying customer communications across channels helps companies resolve their customers’ issues faster and helps sales reps identify better opportunities for future sales.

Businesses and organizations can achieve an optimal customer experience if they are able to guide their customers throughout their path to purchase. The use of artificial intelligence accelerates the process of gaining insights about individual customers.

Customer journey analysis using AI helps businesses predict future customer behavior with high accuracy. With predictive analytics, valuable insights can be gained to improve the customer experience by automatically matching the right conversations to the right agents.

Customers are looking for faster solutions and don’t mind managing the entire process themselves. Many customers prefer “self-service” over reaching out to a support agent. Modern call centers offer comprehensive self-service alternatives as well as live agents.

Both voice agents and AI-enabled chatbots can capture a wealth of detailed data about each customer interaction that can be fed into analytics programs to help optimize the contact center process. 

The trend in contact centers is to support customers in ways that allow for the involvement of both agents and artificial intelligence tools. Modern tools and data-driven information enable contact centers to automate tasks and improve overall agent and customer satisfaction.

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