Omnichannel communication solution with voice virtual assistant is also suitable for healthcare facilities

Transparent communication is not only desirable in some industries, but sometimes even absolutely necessary.
For example, in the healthcare sector, where daily, fast and above all reliable contact between doctor or nurse and patient is the basis for successful treatment, but also for carrying out checks and making appointments for individual tests.

Blog - Omnichannel pro zdravotnická zařízení

The aforementioned transparency and reliability is ensured in any healthcare facility (of any size) by Daktela’s omnichannel solution, which enables,
for example, the recording of all calls between patients and healthcare professionals, be they doctors or nurses. 

If you also use a voice virtual assistant, or voicebot, in your healthcare facility, the burden on nurses to handle calls and appointments is immediately reduced, making communication with patients smoother and far more efficient than before.

Coworkers.ai virtual assistants in Daktela’s cloud-based application help streamline work by automating the manual call process, with seamless implementation into existing systems. Voicebots can have a dialogue with a human on a range of routine topics, plus they have a good understanding of the intent of the specific patient they are communicating with. They can even detect the mood of the patient as well as the essence of what they actually want to say. 

Thus, with the help of these latest AI tools, patient information is provided absolutely reliably and without delay, with virtual assistants making
follow-up calls such as pre- and post-operative calls, telephone announcements of check-ups or appointments. This greatly helps to reduce the stress
of the medical staff and also improves the correct setting of all appointments. This allows medical staff to attend to more complex queries or more urgent cases that require experience, skill and empathy.

With voice technology, it is possible to communicate with patients faster and answer the most common questions instantly in real time. Patient queries are thus handled without any delay. Voicebots are truly efficient helpers, they can adapt continuously to deal with individual patient requests and are better able to act even during various crisis situations.

In general, voicebots improve communication between patients and healthcare providers. Along with continuous availability, voicebots are able to communicate proactively. They can have engaging and personalized conversations with patients. Thus, voice technology in healthcare can lead to
a better understanding of a patient’s condition and improve overall care.

Through effective and efficient engagement, voicebots increase the scope of self-care and enhance patient satisfaction. Voice technology in healthcare is not a one-time investment. It is a total digital transformation that actively helps medical care providers operate efficiently and users take better care of their health.