Virtual mobile numbers bring freedom to communication

The successful development of a company relies primarily on reliable contact with customers, suppliers and other business partners. It is very important to ensure seamless communication between the company and the outside world in general. A virtual phone number is a modern solution that helps you get rid of some of the limitations in communication.

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What exactly is a virtual phone number?

A virtual mobile number is a number that is not tied to a physical phone line. Instead, it is linked to an app that allows you to receive and make calls through your computer, smartphone or other internet-enabled device.

This phone number works through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This is a service that allows you to make voice calls outside of a traditional phone line. An internet connection is essentially no different from its traditional form. The difference is that a VoIP call transmits data over Internet lines, not over analog voice signals.

Who is a virtual phone number suitable for?

The service of making calls through a virtual phone number is ideal for a company’s customer service department or a modern call center.

If you are feeling the constraints of making calls through a traditional phone line or want to reduce the cost of running a customer service department, a virtual phone number may be a suitable solution for your company.

How do you get a virtual phone number?

There are several ways to get a virtual number. A common solution is to purchase such a service from your carrier. At Daktela, we offer access to virtual services as an extension of our call centre tools. Another option is to obtain a number on a virtual PBX.

As for the arrangement of numbers in a virtual phone number, it can look like a traditional number or a hotline number. The choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. You can opt to use a string of numbers that looks like a virtual phone number. This way, you won’t raise any doubts among your customers with outgoing calls.

How does the Daktela system work?

Our service is a modern digital solution that increases the efficiency of the entire contact centre operation. The virtual phone number allows you to receive and make calls to other VoIP phone numbers as well as to traditional phone numbers.

A virtual phone number has the same features as a number associated with a traditional analogue line. This means that incoming calls can be controlled, for example, according to time conditions and specific announcements. The difference between a digital service and an analogue service is that one telephone number allows multiple incoming and outgoing calls to be made simultaneously from one number. With our service, you can easily transfer existing phone numbers in your database and get new ones from our system.

What are the benefits of a Daktela virtual mobile number?

The system we offer to our clients has many benefits that can positively impact your company’s operations and increase its efficiency. First of all, a virtual phone number is universal – operators can receive and make calls from literally anywhere in the world where there is internet access. This increases your employees’ mobility and work flexibility. It facilitates home office organisation and the division of work between individual customer service agents. With these options, you can offer better working conditions and flexible working hours when looking for new employees. 

It is also a good solution for companies that operate globally. If your company serves customers in multiple countries, you can easily adapt your virtual phone number to local standards. This will increase your credibility, while brand trust can influence the number of customers, thus generating additional profit for the company.

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual mobile number is also the reduction in the cost of running a company’s hotline. This is because calls are made over the internet, not through traditional phone lines. 

A virtual mobile number also allows calls to be forwarded to other devices or numbers. This improves customer contact and communication within the company. Internet telephony, combined with the appropriate systematisation of the rules of operation for telephone calls, can significantly increase the satisfaction of your customers.

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