Daktela Answering Machine Detection (AMD)


Improve customer engagement and campaign effectiveness with speech recognition technology

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With artificial intelligence tools, you can immediately find out who is taking a call from your contact center – whether it’s a person or an answering machine. In this way, you will increase the efficiency of the entire customer care operation as well as increasing direct customer contact.

Daktela Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is a type of answering machine detection technology that uses artificial intelligence to determine whether an incoming call is to be answered by a human or by an answering machine. Daktela AMD uses machine learning algorithms and speech recognition technology to analyze various factors such as the sound
of the ringtone, the length of the ringtone and the voice patterns of the caller.

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This information is then used to accurately determine whether the call will be answered
by a person or an answering machine. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Daktela AMD provides a more accurate and efficient way to determine the type of device receiving a call, allowing organizations to optimize their contact center operations and improve the customer experience. Daktela AMD is an ideal tool especially for outbound predictive campaigns.
The reliability of the Daktela AMD tool is extremely high and exceeds 90%.

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