Daktela Going Mobile – can it really fit inside an app?


Whether you’re an experienced Daktela user or you’re just getting started and learning your way around your new contact centre, when you hear about the Daktela app, you must be thinking: Daktela is a pretty complex piece of software, how can you fit everything onto a mobile device, on such a small screen?

The short answer is: you can’t – but we’re not trying to.
Since we started developing our mobile app, our goal has never been for it to replace our browser interface, but rather to complement it and make it portable. You can think of it as a remote control for your TV – what the mobile app does from your handheld device, the Daktela system does in the background.

To reduce clutter and make it easy to use, we didn’t include any of the setup menus in the app. In fact, when you look at the layout of our brand new app version 2.1., you’ll notice that it copies the most frequently used parts of Daktela v6.20 – which is the top of the sidebar and the navbar:


What the app is really good at are those day-to-day tasks that you need to do for your contact centre to work. You can set everything up in the office and then, when you’re out and about, the app lets you stay connected and make use of the core Daktela features that really matter to your customers.

These are the features that agents work with the most and that lead to what customers see when they get in touch with you: activities.

In the app you can send emails and work with tickets, chat with your customers via webchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or text messages, make and receive calls and edit the CRM. If you need a break, go on a pause, and when your workday is done, log out of your queues or completely log out of Daktela: the focus is on being able to deliver what the customer expects even when you’re on your phone.

Ready to give the app a try? It’s free to download and use as part of your Daktela licence. Go to the Mobile App page on our website to get started.

What’s new in v2.1?

  • Work with chat activities
  • View your notifications
  • Enhanced activity details

What’s next in store for the Daktela Mobile App?

For now, you need to have your mobile number set up as an external device or forwarding number to accept calls on it. In the coming months, we are planning to add SIP device functionality to the app. Then all you will need is a data connection and you will be able to access all the main Daktela features directly from your mobile device – no voice service needed on your mobile.