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The DAKTELA HUB allows you to use dozens of practical applications and programs to help develop your business
in the current, dynamic digital world.

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DAKTELA HUB allows integration with third-party systems such as CRM systems (like Pipedrive or Salesforce), communication applications (such as SLACK), or task control tools (for instance Microsoft Teams or ClickUp).

Companies and organizations can add individual Daktela modules as part of the DAKTELA HUB and start using the available, individual integration immediately. Managing the settings of different integrations and the degrees of use of the DAKTELA HUB is very easy and intuitive.

A number of integrations work thanks to the unique DAKTELA HUB technological environment, which contains a huge catalog with a wide range of integrations that you can use according to your company’s current needs or the needs of your contact center.

The platform allows its own configuration for setting up the use of information stored in the DAKTELA HUB, the ability to edit reporting according to your own needs and other features that you can adapt to your specific needs.

The system can be found at: https://hub.daktela.com

The list of integrations with Daktela  →


A user account is needed to access the DAKTELA HUB, which can be created by an organization administrator or a system administrator. Each account must be associated with the organization and the organizer manages it. The coordinator manages the system and a Google Account is needed for access.

Go to Administrator -> Organization section and press the + button. Then fill in the organization’s name and press the Create button.

Go to the Organization section and press the + button. Then fill in the email, select the role of the user in the system and press Create. If you are a system administrator, you can visit any organization through the Admin -> Organization section. Just click the organization’s name, then you will see the organization’s details and there you can manage the organization’s members.

Once the user is created, they can log into the system using their Google Account.

The integration of the DAKTELA HUB is a mandatory part of those integrations that need to communicate with your Daktela instance.
Go to the DAKTELA section and press the + button, then fill in the URL address (in myinstance.daktla.com format) and the API access token.

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