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Get insightful statistics about your customers and improve your communication and customer care.

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With Daktela Intelligence, you can effectively manage and analyze massive amounts of data to better understand your customers, evaluate operator performance and manage operations.

The Daktela Intelligence tool uses the Google BigQuery cloud data warehouse to store large amounts of data and the online Google Data Studio application to provide valuable insights into your contact center’s performance.

By sending data to Google BigQuery, large amounts of data can be stored and analyzed in near real-time without putting unnecessary strain on contact center hardware. This data can then be used to create custom statistics and dashboards in Google Data Studio that provide
a comprehensive view of various metrics such as call volume, response time, and customer satisfaction.

This information can be used to identify trends, optimize operations and improve overall customer care performance. Additionally,
the ability to customize and share reports with stakeholders makes
it easier to communicate and understand important business metrics.

The integration of Daktela Intelligence with Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio provides organizations with a powerful tool
to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center operations. Both aforementioned applications are also part of Daktela Reporting, so you can visualize the historical data of your contact center clearly in one place at any time and you can make effective decisions and find the best solutions.

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