Daktela Workforce Management (WFM)


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Daktela WFM helps you better manage traffic in the contact center and in any shift operation. Artificial intelligence helps model the ideal shift plan and predict future traffic with a 95% accuracy rate.

Daktela Workforce Management (WFM) is a workforce optimization tool that helps contact centers and customer care to streamline their operations. It provides real-time insight into agent performance, scheduling and other key areas.

Daktela WFM uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of data to optimize the shift schedule of agents and other workers, reduce labor costs and increase overall productivity. Daktela WFM enables contact centers and other departments to effectively manage their workforce and provides them with the ideal tool to meet the demands of their customers. Thanks to Daktela WFM, you will achieve operational efficiency.

Setting up Daktela WFM in five steps

This process improves workforce management for your contact center:

●  Agents, team leaders, and project managers define their shift assignment preferences and set agent skills and competencies.

●  Daktela WFM automatically downloads all historic traffic data from the contact center software for each configured project.

●  The application predicts traffic in the coming months using artificial intelligence algorithms.

●  Daktela WFM performs complex algorithms to find optimal shift plans using all previously collected data as well as HR and legal conditions.

●  Agents can exchange shifts and team leaders and project managers can fine-tune the final shift schedule.

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Traffic prediction using artificial intelligence

We use our own sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to predict traffic in the coming months as accurately as possible. Using software that can predict the operation of the contact center in the following period is a fundamental advantage for companies. With this information, managers can proactively plan and allocate resources, such as headcount, to ensure they are able to effectively meet customer demand.

This can help reduce waiting times, increase customer satisfaction and ensure smooth service operations. Additionally, accurate traffic forecasts allow managers to optimize planning and budgeting, leading to increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

Creation of an optimal shift plan

Daktela WFM can determine the best shift schedule combination for your contact center operation. We consider a variety of factors such as employee preferences, skill level, availability and workload to generate optimized shift plans that maximize productivity and minimize labor costs.

The ability to automate this process helps managers save time and effort because they no longer have to manually create schedules or resolve scheduling conflicts. Using this software can also help reduce errors and ensure that schedules are set fairly for all employees. This, in turn, can increase employee satisfaction and morale, leading to greater loyalty to the company and reduced turnover.

Integration with the Daktela system

Both the Daktela WFM and the Daktela contact center are developed by our specialists and easy integration is one of our top priorities. Logging into both applications is uniform and the automatic import of all previous traffic from the Daktela installation is done in a matter of a few clicks.

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