Data-driven customer service

Data-driven customer service

Customer path to purchase

Empathy is key to good customer service. Show them that you have their best interests in mind and that their needs have been listened. A listened customer is a loyal customer. Active search for solutions to their problems creates a valuable relationship, which is why customer service is essential to the company’s strategy.
The client should feel that we care about his case. How to do it? During the conversation, you should ask and paraphrase. Even lost clients feel more comfortable when we focus more on their problems. To try to resolve customer cases, agents need access to call history. Thanks to this, they can anticipate emerging issues and concerns. Constant access to all data also gives advisors more confidence in conversations. Customers are more likely to rate the conversation as helpful, friendly and satisfied with the quality of service.

Develop a data-driven customer service strategy

A data-driven customer service strategy consists of three pillars: customer, data and process. If you have a plan, you should be able to deliver real-time value to customers. But this is only possible if you have clear and relatively accurate information about the pillars.

Gather data from various sources across your enterprise when building a data-driven customer service strategy. Data used in this process should be collected from the channels and platforms the business operates in daily operations. Also, ensure you include all the channels your target audience primarily uses.

Identify your client’s needs

Customer service standards should be attentive to customers’ needs. The customer must also have the impression that the person is serving real, natural touch. Despite observing strictly defined rules, it is important to maintain certain freedom of contact, which will allow the employee to be noticed as spontaneous, sincere and loyal. This approach defines professional customer service – based on standardised procedures but flexibly adapted to customers’ needs and expectations.


Kamil Dymkowski
Key Account Manager