We use our own framework

Due to the performance demands placed on our applications, we develop and use our own PHP framework. Thanks to this, we can control and optimise the individual procedures and algorithms of the application at the lowest possible level (without starting to write our own programming language). The developed application has a close connection with our framework, so we can go down to the greatest detail, detect any problem, and fix
it immediately for each user scenario.


We also use MVC frameworks

For applications built on top of our core product Daktela V6, we use the modern and proven MVC framework CakePHP 4, which is similar to Laravel, Symfony or Nette. Thanks to this,
we use all the ready-made options that this active project offers, and developers learn quickly with us, especially because of the comprehensive and well-written documentation.

We implement modern technologies

We used to write Daktela V6 in AngularJS; today, we are switching to React. We use React directly for our ecosystem applications, mainly due to the fact that we build them practically
on the green field. For example, you might have encountered our React code if you’ve ever
used our self-tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We write the mobile and desktop app
in the latest Flutter using the Dart language.


We are open

Daktela application is designed from the ground up to be easy to integrate. Any of our installations have a published REST API. At the same time, we are gradually publishing libraries to the packaging systems of individual languages on our GitHub profile to make
the development of integrations even easier. Easy integrability is the basis of all our solutions.

We are Asterisk specialists

The Asterisk project is the heart of the voice part of our applications. We have experts
on the team who understand it very well, as well as the whole VoIP issue. We wrote and improved a large part of the voice functionality ourselves based on our experience. Thanks
to all this, we operate a complete voice infrastructure for our customers across several international telco markets.


We optimise system services
to the maximum

The operation of high-capacity contact centres requires maximum efficiency in the use
of individual system services. We put demands on them that test their configuration with regard the runtime environment up to the maximum limits. We are dedicated to optimising indexes and the structure of the database environment.

We bring new architectural solutions

Wherever there is a need to invent a new service architecture or implement new modern technologies, we get involved and bring the solution to life, right up to production deployment. We try to automate most activities and repetitive processes while maintaining a suitable and conceptual solution architecture.