Automated Customer Service System


Robotic calls are used for automatic, robotic dialing of contacts without operators. It is a special outbound campaign with phone numbers that Daktela automatically dials itself exactly according to the rules you set.



Application after answering a call

You can choose from a range of applications to be executed after answering a call – e.g. IVR tree with questions, message playback, answering machine, connection to operator.

Number of appeal attempts and delays

Robotic calls support setting the number of retries in case of unsuccessful calls, including the delay between redialing.

and reporting

Robotic calls provide detailed reporting on their activity – e.g. admissibility, call counts over time or call lengths.

Recording calls

Robotic calls support call recording. For example, you can record client responses.

Time condition for calling

Robotic calls allow you to set a time condition that determines at what times the campaign will be called.

Dial speed settings

The speed of dialling contacts can be set using the maximum number of simultaneous calls.

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Programming API interface

Robotic calls provide APIs that can be used, for example, to automatically import contacts from your information system or automatically retrieve the results of dialed calls. Along with the contact’s phone number, other metadata can be imported and used when dialling. An example would be importing a phone number along with the due date and amount of the receivable. The automaton then calls the contact and, in addition to the automated message (text-to-speech), provides metadata about the due date and the amount of the receivable.

robotic calls API

Practice – examples of using Robotic calls

  • automated cash collection – e.g. with invoice or instalment amount playback
  • opinion polls
  • automated customer satisfaction surveys
  • marketing campaigns