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Lower the cost of your contact center operators serving hundreds of the same general queries on web-chats, SMS or Facebook Messenger. We developed
a Chatbot that will handle all of the queries automatically for you.

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Launched in 5 minutes

One of the main benefits of our Chatbot is its super simple configuration. It functions at a level that virtually anyone can operate it. You just set the Chatbot logic and its answers in our interface in a few minutes, as per your business needs.

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Natural Language Processing Chatbots

NLP Chatbots let you take your automated chats a step further. While traditional decision tree chatbots are a great feature that simplify a lot of work for you and your team, if you handle a large amount of chats or have a shortage of agents. Making the change to AI chatbots could be the best decision for you.

Natural Language Processing is a form of artificial intelligence that can chat to your customers, understand why they are getting in touch with you and help them without getting your agents involved. This will save you precious time and resources.

Daktela AI Agent:

  • Chatbot
  • Voicebot
  • Mailbot
  • Daktela RBM

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