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Daktela Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be included as an essential part of your solution.

It enables you to track and manage all customer interactions using a single platform. One of the primary features is the automatic communication history function. This provides pertinent information about the customer to the agent before they are connected. This better prepares your agent for the call, as it provides them with information about previous calls, emails, SMS, chat tickets and notes instantly. Everything is designed to provide your customers with better service.


Automatic communication history

Daktela CRM provides an automatic communication history for each contact and account and also includes helpdesk tickets. This history is instantly available to agents before any customer contact.

Configure the CRM structure

Within our CRM you can decide how you want the customer contact card to appear. You can include any relevant data fields within each card which are applicable to a specific customer type.

Automatic opening of the CRM card

Daktela can automatically open the relevant contact card with the entire communication history and all helpdesk tickets on an inbound customer’s request.

Attachments and contact forms

Within the Daktela CRM, you can store an unlimited number of attachments to individual contacts or customer accounts. These can include contract documents, pictures, or any other applicable documents. You can also create and store your own structured contact forms.

Import and Export

Our CRM enables you to bulk import and export contacts and customer accounts. Supported formats are CSV or Microsoft Excel. It is possible to define which columns and items will be exported or imported and you can save schema templates for use in the future.

Fulltext search

Daktela CRM provides a convenient full-text search function across all communication channels using intelligent word spotting. Additionally, it is possible to create search filters and save them for future use.

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API and synchronisation with external systems

Our public API capability allows us to integrate with a variety of external systems. We have already implemented a wide range of integrations for customers which provides for the automatic synchronization of data stored in the Daktela CRM system with third-party ERP and CRM systems.

Advanced call routing based on CRM data

The Daktela platform can carry out advanced call routing. This is managed using data stored within our own integrated Daktela CRM or within an external CRM using REST API, or a combination of both. Common uses of this involve the priority routing of calls based on customer type. It can also be used to re-route calls based on specific customer data such as bad debts, etc.

Snapshots – history of changes

Daktela CRM automatically saves a change of history of your contacts and companies. This is called a snapshot. A past change is then available at the click of a mouse and you can also check who made the change and when.