Ticketing System Contact Centre Solution


A multichannel Ticketing System application with a modern web interface for user-friendly processing of customers’ requests and internal corporate tasks.

Your customers are able to enter new requests via phone, email, web chat, SMS and social networks. Daktela Helpdesk processes these requests intelligently and maintains a clear communication history with each customer.


Native omnichannel

The Daktela Helpdesk application supports a wide range of modern communication channels. Using our solution means you do not need to install anything additional or learn any complex third-party applications. Today we already support voice, email, web chat, SMS and a wide range of Social Media applications. As various new channels become popular, we work to add them to our core platform.

Integration with company email

Daktela Helpdesk can connect to your existing corporate mail server by standard secure protocols – POP3S, IMAPS and SMTPS. Email communications will be received and sent using your company’s email servers and with your own email address. Using this service means you can manage email communication with customers much better.

Categorizing tickets

The settings within the Daktela Helpdesk are controlled through a simple web interface. Using this interface you can automatically categorize incoming requests – eg. setting ticket categories, priorities, SLA and ticket owners. This ensures that all emails are always sent to the right place.

Personalized ticket views

Daktela Helpdesk allows different users to customize their own ticket views to meet their requirements. This is achieved through the use of filters and allows for an unlimited number of personalized views to be created.

Comments and attachments

Daktela Helpdesk lets users add comments to tickets which are not sent to customers. These are for internal communications only. You can also attach an unlimited number of attachments to one ticket. This allows other users dealing with the same customer to see more detailed information.

Full-text search

Daktela Helpdesk lets users complete a quick full-text search across all communication history using intelligent word spotting. These searches can be stored and re-used for quick future use.

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Communication history and CRM integration

Daktela Helpdesk supports various communication channels. Irrespective of which communication channel a request is received through, all are held in communication history. This also applies to any outbound communication channel used to contact the customer. The communication history is recorded and displayed for each ticket. This shows how and who created the ticket. It also shows who wrote an email, or who called or sent an SMS. Daktela Helpdesk is integrated with our internal CRM so it always maintains a communication history for every contact.

Reports and statistics

As a standard, we provide a wide range of reports about the operation of the helpdesk system. These are available instantly and can be displayed on real time panels or LCD wall boards. You can tailor-make each one from our predefined widgets. Our historic reports can provide additional information on things such as the number of tickets in each category (including trends over time), backlog tickets, reaction times, ticket resolution times and the performance of agents.

Definition of SLA and working hours

Customers often have diverse service requirements. Daktela Helpdesk lets you define multiple SLA (Service Level Agreements) policies and apply these to specific customers or ticket categories. SLA policies can reflect different customer working hours or ticket priorities. Once SLA policies are set, you can monitor tickets to see what the initial response time was, according to the target resolution time. These times are calculated instantly.