Knowledge base


The knowledge base is used to organize information and knowledge.


It allows you to view, and search existing records, and at the same time save new information and procedures.

As companies are constantly evolving and growing, their employees also need more and more information to help them work efficiently. By creating an internal knowledge base, you can centralize information in one place, helping you to streamline processes and procedures.

The main benefits of the internal knowledge base:

  • Centralisation of information
  • Lower staff management / training costs
  • Acceleration of work processes
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The main functions of the Daktela knowledge base:

● Categorisation of knowledge

● Rights to individual categories

● Comments on individual contributions

● Support for attachments

● Tagging

● Integration into all communication channels in Daktela

A quality knowledge base evolves and grows over time just like your company. The sooner you start building your quality knowledge base,
the sooner your company will start operating effectively.

A knowledge base is a way to save employees time and avoid misunderstandings due to misinformation.

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