Call Centre Software for Teams


Daktela for Microsoft Teams provides a level of integration that combines the best of both platforms.


Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that is included with Microsoft Office 365, which allows users to chat, make video calls, share files, or make phone calls. We have combined this functionality with the Daktela solution to provide a wider range of enhanced functionality.


Business Calls in Teams

Grant your Teams users the ability to call the public telephone network directly from within the application. Users are also able to receive calls from customers directly in Teams.

Mobile application support

Users can also utilize the Microsoft Teams mobile application. All the functions and integrations, including telephony, are now available in the mobile application.

Call Centre functions

In Teams you can now use all the powerful Daktela call center functions, including intelligent call queuing with skills, event statistics, reporting or call recording.

Daktela Teams Phone Numbers

With Teams Direct Routing, you can use your existing phone numbers or you can assign new ones. This includes any existing geographic, non-geographic or international phone numbers.

PBX functions

All common PBX functions are available, such as call transfer and call holding, call forwarding or routing to a group or a voicemail.

Native applications

The Daktela interface is available and integrated directly on the taskbar in Teams as an application. Users thus have all the necessary information in one place.

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The customer already used

The customer already used Office 365 with Microsoft Teams as an internal communication platform, but needed to upgrade their existing telephone infrastructure and implement a better customer care process. They wanted to keep the existing direct phone numbers they had within the original corporate telephony solution. At the same time, they wanted to build a modern multichannel contact center for their customer service department. They decided to implement a new toll-free telephone line to support this with calls being routed using intelligent call queues. Simultaneously, they wanted to handle web chats and email communications from customers. Ideally, they wanted to use one application for everything and required customized reporting. In addition, they wanted customer service calls to be recorded. Some employees needed the ability to easily work from their home office as well.

Our solution

We implemented a Daktela contact center solution integrated within Microsoft Teams. This allows users to handle customer calls directly in Microsoft Teams. Thanks to the native integration of Daktela directly in Microsoft Teams, users could now handle other communication channels such as web chat or email directly in the Microsoft Teams client also. The customers have all the functionality of the Daktela contact center available, including reporting and statistics. Customer service calls are recorded. Thanks to the cloud solution of Microsoft Teams and Daktela, all functionality is available without any changes from anywhere, including from the home office. Some employees can also use Daktela integration for Microsoft Teams in the mobile application.


●  Ability to handle and receive phone calls using the Teams client for back office or call center users

●  Standard PBX functions using Teams client (call transfer, call hold, ring groups, voicemail, caller ID, …)

●  The Daktela application is available directly in the Teams client (link and icon on the application’s main toolbar)

●  Full contact center support for users working with team clients (skills, queues, call recording, call statistics and reporting, call history, call log, etc.)

●  Correct processing of the user’s presence status during a call (OnCall)

●  Availability of service support in case of Microsoft Teams failure (users can work on a mobile or other SIP phone assigned to them)

●  Microsoft Teams Mobile support

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Microsoft Licensing Requirements: Office 365 with a telephone license for each user who needs to use Microsoft Teams Daktela integration.