Reliable communication is a must in healthcare!


The clear Daktela communication system with call records and information all in one place is the basis of a transparent patient-doctor relationship.


Do you ever call patients for checkups or examinations? Do you send a confirmation SMS about the date of the next visit to their doctor or specialist? Do you deliver e-prescriptions to smartphones? All this (and much more) is perfectly controlled by Daktela contact center software.

Call recording

You can connect all telephone communication with the Daktela virtual exchange and continuously record all incoming and outgoing calls.

If necessary, any call can be played at any time. The orientation in dozens of recorded calls is enabled by a filter, where the system can be searched by time period, telephone number, contacts stored in the Daktela CRM module, or by call duration or additionally assigned status.

Call information is stored continuously, but recordings are kept only according to the purchased length of retention. Retention means automatic deletion of recordings after a certain period, usually six months, but in healthcare we recommend setting it to multi-year retention. Recordings can be downloaded at any time through the web interface or FTP server.

The basis is the speed and availability of information through integration

Daktela automatically links a specific call to other relevant information from the services internal database (such as available patient information) so that the healthcare professional can advise the caller faster and better and recommend how to proceed and connect with the right doctor. This is essential for reliable communication and the ability to integrate this information.

Thanks to connections to an already used CRM system or another internal system, the “patient card” is automatically opened for existing clients in the doctor’s office as soon as they call. It is therefore no longer necessary to search for crucial, detailed information.

Daktela is a practical solution for transparent communication for any medical facility or hospital, as well as private clinics. It is also useful for larger surgeries of general practitioners and specialists. However, clarity of communication is also important when contacting clients, for example, at veterinary clinics.

Our solution is already used by a number of major healthcare companies.

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