Home office as a standard, not as a necessary evil

Home office

During a coronavirus pandemic, working from home has become a necessity for many companies to ensure that as few people as possible meet in person at the same time. After more than a year, it turns out that the vast majority of employees really liked this way of working, and if the working conditions and organization of activities are set well, then this situation is beneficial for the company as well.

At Daktela, the transition to a home office was very easy and fast, because it is our system that allows you to work very well from anywhere and you can continuously monitor the progress of your job. Of course, the transition itself had its pitfalls, it was difficult for many to get used to the new work regime. If we accept the experts’ estimates that up to 40% of employees switched to at least partial work from home during the pandemic, then it is clear that practically every company will sooner or later have to offer this way of working as an interesting benefit.

Home office simply ceases to be a privilege for selected job positions in some companies, but a standard for employees of the vast majority of companies of various industries and sizes.

Even before the pandemic, many companies offered their employees the option of a home office as a work benefit. At the same time, many employees welcome this as they feel more productive when working at home and can manage thier family commitments better, or simply to save time or costs associated with the trip to the office.

However, “home office” or “remote work” can also bring some negative aspects. For example, if the work team is not together for a long time and most employees work from home or another location, there can easily be an overall deterioration in communication and management. As a result, people stop sharing information and collaborating effectively.

Fortunately, this did not happen to us in Daktela, because we were used to a partial home-office already. However, it was necessary to get used to regular online meetings, where it is not always necessary to deal only with work matters.

Although, for example, our own employees were are “scattered” virtually all over the world, from Spain to Vietnam, we saw further growth in labour productivity and completed all planned tasks and projects. As long as you have a table internet connection you can access our system and be Daktela user with all the productivity imporvements that brings.


Work efficiency and productivity can generally be maintained or even increased if the work is entered in detail and precisely where deadlines are generally known and regular telephone meetings are set, etc. It has proven to us that people working on a given project should know what other tasks they have. Members of the team, so it is clear to everyone why they have a specific task to perform and with whom they may contact if they encounter a problem.

At Daktela, we simply verify every day that new technologies enable a truly non-violent control over the work performed, which in turn increases mutual trust. And that is the basis of any successful company!