How to choose the type of campaign setup to best suits your needs

Jak vybrat nejvhodnější typ kampaně pro vaše potřeby

Outbound call campaigns are an integral part of your contact centre and selecting the right type of campaign is an important decision that can affect your performance and results. Each campaign type has its advantages and disadvantages and is best suited for different uses. Daktela offers four different types of campaigns to choose from. Let’s have a look at each one and go through their specifics.

Manual Campaign

In Manual Campaigns, when agents are ready to call the next campaign record, they load it manually by clicking a button, read the information available in the record and then dial the call manually as well. This type of campaign is the slowest and relies on agents taking each step themselves, which can be useful e.g. in more complex cases where they need to acquaint themselves with the details before they dial the call. You can limit the time agents have at their disposal in each step of the campaign. After the call is completed, agents enter the information they have collected into the campaign form, select a status and save the record. If they don’t reach the customer, they can reschedule the call for later.

Progressive Campaign

Progressive Campaigns automate many of the steps that are taken manually in the Manual Campaign. Records are loaded to agents automatically, they have a predefined time to read the record form and calls are also dialled automatically after that time runs out. If the customer does not answer, the form closes and you can select how many times the campaign will try to call them again and at what intervals, all automatically. Statuses can be automatically set depending on why the customer was not reached (e.g. busy, declined, etc.). When the call is over and the agent has filled out the record form, another record will be loaded after a time of your choosing.

Predictive Campaign

Predictive Campaigns make the most use of agents’ time by dialling several calls per each available agent and only distributing calls to them once the customer has answered. Daktela calculates the ideal number of dialled calls based on recent call traffic. From an agent’s point of view, Predictive Campaign calls look like incoming calls. While some customers may hang up while waiting to be connected, this type of campaign can be very effective. Just like in Progressive Campaigns, you can set up how many times each number is called again if the customer does not answer or hangs up before being connected and statuses are fully automated.


Robocaller campaigns are fully automated and require no agents to work. They can be used either to convey information to customers, such as using Text-To-Speech to read out the customer’s account balance from an external system when it drops below a certain amount, or to collect information from them, such as receiving customer care feedback. You can also add the option of turning the outbound call into an inbound one at the customer’s request. Whichever campaign type you choose, you can divide your campaign into different databases. This allows you to segment your campaign records into groups and to control which groups get called when by activating and deactivating them.

You can’t go wrong with Daktela

As you can see, which campaign type you select depends largely on what you are trying to achieve in your campaign. With Daktela, you don’t need to worry about making a final decision up front though. If at any stage of your campaign you decide you are not satisfied with the type you have chosen, it is a matter of a few clicks to change it to another one and seamlessly continue calling using the new campaign type.

Ready to select a campaign? Read more about our campaigns or go right ahead and ask for a demo account and try the campaign out for yourself.