Integration with external systems


Your existing business systems can be integrated into a single, transparent operation in the Daktela cloud application.



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Increase efficiency and productivity via integration

Integration with other business tools enables further information to be automatically presented without additional clicks, significantly increasing agent efficiency and overall productivity.


Automatic data synchronisation

The cloud application automatically synchronises all customer data and displays it to agents when receiving a call or any other digital activity. You can set this synchronisation rate in line with your requirements.

CRM Software

Quick and easy integration setup

It only takes a matter of minutes to set up integrations. There are also options to set field mapping criteria for automatic synchronisation.

Automation of processes

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Bespoke business intelligence

Transform your data and virtualisation by building both bespoke and ad-hoc reports, all suited to your needs and made available automatically to the people who need them when they need them.

Comprehensive business management information

Compatibility with a wide range of systems

Ready-made integrations are available for a wide range of commonly used tools such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Our open API means we can connect to most bespoke systems.

Integration with Salesforce

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The uniformity of the access control process

The Daktela application can be connected directly to your Active Directory, LDAP or Google Apps as a functionality implemented in a standard installation.

Active Directory

Integration according to your needs

There is a range of integration methods available in Daktela. Depending upon what you want to implement, you can choose from pop-up menus, iframes and events.

How to build an active call centre?

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