Integration with

Brno based company developed an artificial intelligence solution, thanks to which two products were created – chatbot and voicebot. These products automate routine communication, thus helping your team. Conversational artificial intelligence is like a living organism that learns from its experience and analysis of conversations.


How much does it cost to integrate with Daktela?

Billing takes place in minutes, on a monthly basis – you only pay for what the voicebot calls and what the chatbot handles.

How can you integrate into Daktela?

The integration is provided by You can select the Daktela or the Coworkers webchat design.

What are the benefits of

  • Improves the performance of customer care teams
  • Automates lead qualification
  • Increases the conversion rate on the web
  • Ensures customer loyalty
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Works 24/7
Encounter a solution that will help your business flourish.

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