Google Data Studio


Integration with Google Data Studio

  • Connect a powerful data visualisation tool directly to your Daktela V6
  • Set up near-real time reports you can use right away during operation
  • Have up-to-date customized reports in your email every day
  • Play with source data from Daktela V6 in whatever way you want

Google Data Studio is an open tool used for connecting directly to source data of your own Daktela V6 instance. This implicitly means you have to have the Daktela V6 instance ready and operational based on a set up contract with Daktela. If you are interested, please contact us directly at or request a demo first at . If you already have an active Daktela V6 installation, use the “Integrations” panel in settings to enable “Google Data Studio” ready-made integration and go to the Google Data Studio store to use it or contact us for assistance. The connector uses generic Daktela V6 API documented at

The terms and conditions including the privacy policy set in place are available at

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