Slack Integration

Slack is a free cloud-based team collaboration tool that allows users to send text messages and files in real time. It basically works
as a corporate messenger with additional features that allow users to search for messages, connect third-party applications, or make phone and video calls.


How can you take advantage of Slack’s integration with Daktela?

Thanks to the integration of Daktela with Slack, you can receive automatic notifications within certain Slack channels including:

  • All new tickets created in Daktela
  • All open tickets (whenever you get a response from the customer)
  • All closed tickets
  • Establish rules

You can receive these notifications of new tickets or changed ticket statuses even if you do not have the Daktela interface open. Slack will remind you in the channel you specify and you will know it is time to answer questions about your customer service.


What are the benefits and uses of Slack?

  • Replaces internal email communication
  • Provides you with almost instant response from your colleagues
  • You can view all the contact details of your colleagues in one place
  • Messages and files can be saved for later
  • You can also create a reminder for the message

Slack’s integration with Daktela can become a powerful tool in your hands. Chat with your colleagues in real time, while communicating via video calls or other communication channels with customers via Daktela.

Integration with Slack can be installed by agreement.

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