New countries, new opportunities for growth and development


With its unique communication platform, Daktela has been successfully expanding worldwide for more than four years. We have now opened the technological door to the Balkans with new branches in Slovenia and Romania, and we see great potential here.

The Romanian e-commerce market grew by 26% during Covid, which is much more when compared to the e-commerce market in Germany, for example. We expect to acquire at least ten new customers in Romania by the end of the year.

For us, Slovenia is a strategic entry point into the Balkan market and, at the same time, the most advanced country in the region. The Slovenes’ high level of education and language skills can also be an opportunity for us from an employer’s point of view.

Since 2018, Daktela’s expansion in foreign markets has continued rapidly. Every year, branches in Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Hungary, as well as in the Philippines and Dubai, have expanded their services, customer portfolio and, strengthened their operations in the region.

In the coming years, our goal is to become the most important supplier of contact centre solutions in the CEE region and expand throughout Europe. The entry into the relatively large Romanian and dynamically developing Slovenian market is the next step in this strategy.

We plan to open new branches in other countries in the coming years, but we already have customers worldwide, for example in Mexico and Vietnam. The extensive partnership program we created last year also supports our further foreign expansion.

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