As part of the product process, we collect all feedback.


We’re listening to feedback

As part of the product process, we collect all feedback on the functionality of our products and record it in a state-of-the-art tool for product management – ProductBoard. For each record, we store exactly which customer it was and the required business case. All this information is then part of the planned functionalities so that the product manager, developers, and everyone who participates in the given functionality have access to all the information obtained.

We plan strategically

We plan each version for development based on the largest needs of our customer base. We register all functional specifications in the ProductBoard and classify them into individual versions. When choosing functionalities, we also reflect on the constant improvement of individual application modules.


We test every version

We test every version the development department prepares for our customers with automatic tests and manually verify the quality of new or changed functionalities 
to ensure the delivery of a maximally functional product.