Alensa & Daktela

Alensa & Daktela

“In a nutshell, we can unequivocally say that the implementation of Daktela was a real hit on the bull’s eye, because this sophisticated web application makes life easier not only for us at Alensa, but also for our customers!”

Alensa currently operates over 40 e-shops with prescription contact lenses and sunglasses in all 26 countries of the European Union, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. It is currently among the three largest online sellers of contact lenses in most countries where it operates.

Alensa is growing very dynamically thanks to the use of the most modern IT technologies. The company’s revenue has been growing nearly 1,000% over the past few years. However, this also means a great challenge from the point of view of effective and fast communication with customers and management of all requirements and this necessarily leads to a switch to an omnichannel solution.

The Daktela software, which Alensa has been using for more than four years, enabled a better integration of individual sections of the company, which are located in six workplaces in three different countries. At the same time, the effective management of human resources was strengthened, but above all, the customer experience was improved, thanks to faster and more targeted communication. All of this is key to the growth of our e-shop.


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