Call Centre vs Back-office Users – Types of Users

Typy uživatelů a licenční politika Daktela

Whilst the number of users available on the Daktela system is unlimited, it may be important for you to distinguish between call centre and back office users. Both of these types of users primarily handle telephone calls, but the routing of calls and functionality is different. In both cases calls can be handled via a hardware (desktop) or software (computer) phone, which is paired to a telephone number. This can also extend to a connection to a personal mobile phone. Adding additional non voice channels (i.e web chat/email) as required turns the call centre user into a omni-channel contact centre user but the core licence remains the same.

Backoffice user

The back office user does not log in anywhere, it only serves to be able to pair the above-mentioned devices (Hardware, Software, mobile phone), to handle incoming and outgoing calls. It is also possible to use more devices per user, for example routing to a Hardware telephone and after 10 seconds (approx. 2 rings) overflow also to a personal mobile phone. You do not have any online and historical statistics from the user’s back office device, but there are call records and call recordings available via the system administration portal. Back office is usually for users who need to call, but do not need to have an overview (statistics). For example, accountant, warehouse, executive, ordinary employees, etc.


CallCentre user

This type of user always has the option to log in to the control panel’s web interface and is assigned certain accesses and rights. Thanks to the access, configured each user is presented with their own set of features. This access then determines which data the user has the opportunity to work with (users, queues, priorities / skills, etc.). Unlike a back office user, a call centre user has detailed online and historical statistics. In addition all activity is recorded and it has the possibility of integration with external systems, such as automatic opening of the contact card. This user is charged according to functionality provided (except for admin and supervisor accesses, see below). The call centre user has the option of having an automatically assigned device (SIP, mobile phone) or dynamically logging in to a free line (eg during shift traffic). A great advantage of call centre users is the ability to work with the Daktela mobile application.


Daktela Licensing Policy

It is always necessary to have a virtual exchange purchased, on which all calls run. You can then purchase a package from the virtual exchange according to the number of used devices (SIP, mobile phone) in packages of 10 devices. Back office users are automatically part of every PBX. Call centre users are charged according to the purchased licenses. You can flexibly purchase / withdraw licenses on a monthly basis, including individual communication channels. Especially suitable for the gradual growth of the company, the addition of other departments, foreign branches or seasonal events (Christmas, marketing activities, etc.). If the operator / user is forced to leave, the licenses will either be reduced or you can hand them over to a new user.

Users such as administrators, technicians / IT, programmers or supervisors thus have their own access available free of charge, so you can determine who has what powers (accesses, rights). Suitable, for example, when using more branches or serving more countries, so that each manager can monitor their department.