Why are virtual assistants the future of modern customer care?

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Various chatbots and voicebots are already the standard in communication with customers, today, but more and more complex virtual assistants have recently been given more and more space, which not only manage a normal conversation in Czech without problems, but also recognize the current mood of the customer, at the same time they are at every moment 100% reliable and professional.

In the field of customer service, a number of (r)evolutionary technologies and innovations have appeared in recent years. As customers, we have long since become accustomed to the fact that a chatbot accompanies you when shopping in your favorite e-shop. Today, however, even a conversational voicebot can advise you, and with some modern virtual assistants you hardly even know that you are talking to a well-programmed robot.

However, behind such a smartly responding virtual assistant are thousands of hours of work, because the robot must be ready to evaluate an incredibly huge amount of different data in a thousandth of a second, because it is usually connected to the individual economic, accounting or ordering systems of the store and then adequately respond to all possible (predictable) questions from individual customers.

In our Daktela cloud application, we now use modern artificial intelligence tools Coworkers.ai. Today, these virtual assistants can conduct a dialogue with a person on a whole range of routine topics, and they also understand well the intentions of the specific customer with whom they are communicating. They can even recognize his mood and also the essence of what he actually wants to tell them.

The advantages of using these modern virtual assistants are clear. Even very experienced operators can handle only a limited number of conversations at a time. A modern bot can easily handle thousands of them. The more recurring requests and queries that need to be addressed, the more useful this AI tool becomes.

In addition, using voice biometrics (sophisticated speech recognition), you can customers and operators to save time-consuming identity verification. Virtual assistants recognize who it is based on their voice alone and connect them to the appropriate worker or the right department.

The fact that these new artificial intelligence tools really have a future is confirmed, for example, by a current survey by the Gartner agency, which shows that the use of artificial intelligence in communication tools will become the main investment in customer care in the next few years. And we at Daktele are already ready for this trend…

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