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Do you want to be part of a team that provides an omnichannel solution for customer communication and customer service that is used by tens of thousands of people every day?


Thanks to our leading technology, we are the number one Contact Centre software provider in the Czech market, and within five years we aim to become number one in Central and Eastern Europe.


Among our customers you will find well known brands such as Notino, T-Mobile, Mall Group, Student Agency or Quantcom.



Our mission is to humanize communication between companies and their customers and inside the companies and thus create real connection and trust. We want to bring companies, their customers and employees closer together.



We are fair to our employees, customers and to ourselves.


We simplify everything we can.


We have the courage to take unexplored journeys to find the best solution.

Growing together

We grow together with our customers and employees. We always have the solution that customers need at the moment and we give our employees the opportunity to grow.



  • We distribute bonuses twice a year according to the company’s profits.
  • We provide a home Internet allowance so that we can sometimes work from home.
  • We offer the possibility to choose your own laptop and operating system.
  • We can work from home and when we are not well, we can get a paid sick day.
  • We have multicultural work environment.
  • We provide a supply of high-quality coffee and snacks.

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