Daktela SMS Connect

Use Daktela SMS Connect for in-system SMS messaging.

Two-way SMS messaging system which allows your customer to communicate directly via SMS Chat with individual agents in the contact centre

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High SMS throughput
Daktela SMS Connect can send up to 10 SMS messages per second and is therefore suitable for most high volume bulk SMS marketing campaigns.
Interval and sending speed
Daktela SMS Connect allows you to configure when you send SMS messages and in what volumes. This allows you to run SMS campaigns at times that suit both you and your customers.
Integration with contact centre
Daktela SMS Connect is fully integrated into the Daktela contact centre and all SMS messages are automatically recorded in the contact communication history.
API and Webhooks
Daktela SMS Connect implements HTTP REST API and supports API Webhooks for receiving, sending and delivery reports to nominated individuals.
Custom senderID
Set your SMS ID as a number, short code, or text (up to 11 characters) with Daktela SMS Connect.
Global support of delivery reports
SMS delivery reports are supported for all destinations and you can have them turned on by default or you can request a delivery report individually.
Possibilities of use
Implementing Daktela SMS Chat and enhancing your contact centre with two-way SMS messaging.
SMS bulk marketing and informative messages.
For developers of global applications who need to send SMS messages worldwide.
In e-shop applications sending informative SMS messages about the order’s status.
For developers who need a simple SMS REST API for easy integration with their applications.
In travel and logistics for sending high-volume informative SMS messages with shipping or travel details.

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24/7 Support
Access round-the-clock support via phone, email, and chat, automatically. Our highly qualified technical support is available in 8 languages.
Native Omnichannel
Engage customers on their preferred channels—phone, email, or social media—while keeping a complete history in one organized thread.
Flexibility and Scalability
Select only the channels you require. As your company grows, Daktela will grow with you and adjust to your evolving needs.
Automate with Artificial Intelligence
Transform brief notes and concepts into exceptional copy effortlessly. Simply choose the desired transformation and allow the AI to complete the task.
Daktela AI
Seamlessly integrate your helpdesk
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"Daktela has been helping us with the growth of our customer base and the need to build more efficient communication for over 15 years."
Ludmina Foltýnová
"I feel that our cooperation with Daktela is very professional. I also appreciate the flexibility in integrating our information systems into Daktela's solution."
Ondřej Křivan
"Daktela's flexible solution helped us during COVID, when we smoothly transitioned to home office, ensuring that the customer service line was not affected."
Jaroslav Raboch
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