The future of seamless customer care
Automate support, empower agents, increase conversions. 
All while making your customers happy.
AI Agents
Automate everyday customer interactions across your communication channels. Shorten wait times and let your agents focus on demanding cases.
AI Copilot
Supercharge your agents' writing skills: translate messages and emails, transform text to make it friendlier, more formal, shorter or longer. Create your own transformation.
AI Power Pack
Use AI to analyse your customer interactions. Get info about conversation topics, automate your QA reviews and sort your incoming emails. Easy.
AI Agents
Let your agents focus
on meaningful tasks
Say goodbye to routine communication thanks to our smart, empathetic and always ready AI agents, and focus you energy on what really matters.
Handle hundreds of conversations at the same time
Our chatbots are available 24/7 and can take care of your most common customer requests completely independently. They can identify the customer, look up their details such as order numbers or account information and make changes as necessary. If the customer needs to chat to a live agent, all the info collected is passed on to the agent.
Say goodbye to traditional IVR
No more caller frustration – customers can simply say what they need and our voicebots can help them – either completely automatically for routine tasks, or by connecting them to the correct department based on their request type. You can also automate your outbound campaigns using our campaign voicebot.
Voicebot: Say goodbye to traditional IVR
Reply to emails instantly
Our emailbot can automatically answer emails in the scenarios you define and hand the conversation over to a live agent when necessary. The emailbot can also edit ticket properties such as categories, statuses, deadlines and so on, allowing you to automate workflows and serve your customers better.
New era of SMS – automated
Revolutionary RBM (Rich Business Messaging) technology is the next generation of SMS and MMS, offering a new way to communicate with customers. Elevate your SMS communication to the next level and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Connect your chatbot to this new technology.
AI Copilot
Supercharge your contact center
Give your agents a boost with quick summaries, a personal writing coach

and seamless translations.
Daktela AI Copilot: Personal writing assistant
justone click away
Personal writing assistant
one click away
Improve your agents' writing. AI Copilot can transform text in a number of ways: make it friendlier or more formal, expand on ideas, check for mistakes or shorten long emails.
Save time with summaries
Get instant summaries of your customer interactions, tickets and entire contacts. Work with context without the hassle.
Daktela AI Copilot: Save time with summaries
Break language barriers
Translate incoming correspondence and agents' text before it's sent out. Turn on real-time translation in live chats and work in your own language.
Daktela AI Copilot: Break language barriers
Create custom prompts
Create a fully customised text transformation to make Copilot your own. Make that email more persuasive! (Or make it write like Shakespeare)
Daktela AI Colpilot: Create custom prompts
I feel that our cooperation with Daktela is very professional. I also appreciate the flexibility in integrating our information systems into Daktela's solution.
Ondřej Křivan,
AI Power Pack
Boost efficiency and anticipate trends
Leverage AI-powered insights for deep interaction analysis, objective QA reviews, and trend predictions.
Daktela AI Power Pack: Automate interaction analysis
AI Topics
Automate interaction analysis
Instantly get key words, segment your interactions by their topics or let AI summarise every call. Shorten your agents' after call work.
AI Power Pack
Daktela AI Power Pack: Enhance quality 
AI QA Reviews
Enhance quality 
Automate your QA analysis and let your live QA team focus on anomalies. Get up to 100% coverage, pick activities at random or set up conditions.
AI Power Pack
Daktela AI Power Pack: Smart email routing
AI Categorisation
Smart email routing
Let AI automatically sort your incoming e-mails into ticket categories and assign them statuses, tailored to you by learning from your previous correspondence.
AI Power Pack
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