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Integrate your Contact Centre with your preferred tools. Daktela offers pre-made integration tools with popular CRM systems, e-shops, WFM or authentication systems as an open solution. Some integrations can be easily enabled directly in the Daktela interface with just a few clicks, while others, for instance, offer a smart phone toolbar directly within the application.
Daktela Integrations
Automate with Artificial Intelligence
Automate repetitive queries with our powerful AI tools by integrating Daktela with your e-commerce system, enabling an assistant capable of managing unlimited customer enquiries simultaneously.
Daktela AI
Social media
Efficiently manage multiple social media posts at once.
Social Media
Data driven
Boost customer engagement with data-driven insights.
“Daktela AI has transformed our customer service operations. The bots handle routine tasks efficiently, allowing our team to focus on complex issues. We’ve seen a significant reduction in operational costs and improved customer satisfaction.”
Peter Pan, CEO of Neverland

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24/7 Support
Access round-the-clock support via phone, email, and chat, automatically. Our highly qualified technical support is available in 8 languages.
Native Omnichannel
Engage customers on their preferred channels—phone, email, or social media—while keeping a complete history in one organised thread.
Flexibility and Scalability
Select only the channels you require. As your company grows, Daktela will grow with you and adjust to your evolving needs.
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