AI Power Pack
The Daktela AI Power Pack uses AI to enhance contact center operations
AI QA Reviews
Objective QA Assessments Powered by AI
Leverage artificial intelligence to streamline QA review processes. This innovation not only permits the analysis of a vast number of interactions but also offers adaptable criteria for examining selected activities, thus heightening precision and impartiality in quality evaluations.
AI Topics
AI-Enhanced Customer Support
Automated analysis of interactions, identification of sentiments, andselection of key phrases facilitate pinpointing specific interaction types.This process offers agents concise summaries, enabling a sharper focuson delivering high-quality customer care.
Delegate routine tasks to robots
Escalation Detection and Mitigation
Real-time sentiment and keyword analysis enables the identification of potentially escalating interactions or negative sentiments, allowing for immediate supervisor notification or redirection to seasoned agents.
Boosting Offerings with Customer Feedback
Harness customer feedback for valuable insights. AI Topics can enlighten development and marketing teams, facilitating the refinement of products and services.
Agent Onboarding and Training
Apply AI QA Reviews for comprehensive interaction evaluations, offering quick training for new agents and continuous learning for current agents.
Process Optimization
Analyze frequent queries to find automation opportunities, improving processes and allowing agents to handle more complex issues.
Customized Marketing Strategies
Utilize in-depth analytics of customer interactions to pinpoint specific needs and preferences, crafting more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.
Enhance Operational Efficiency
The AI Power Pack empowers your contact center to handle and scrutinize data at an unprecedented scale, significantly boosting overall operational efficiency.
Elevate Service Quality
Leverage precise and unbiased quality evaluations along with comprehensive customer interaction analyses to consistently enhance the services you provide.
Time Savings
By automating routine tasks such as summarizing activities and conducting QA evaluations, your agents can dedicate more time to what truly counts - attending to customer needs.
Customization and Versatility
With the capability to customize AI Topics and AI QA Reviews to meet your unique business requirements, the AI Power Pack
ensures optimal utilization of this advanced technology.
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