Control calls directly from
your browser.
The Browser extension is always available, no matter where your workflow is.
What does this plugin allow within the browser?
Answering and rejecting calls and other activities
Never miss your incoming activity notifications – pin your extension and always have it ready.
Logging in and out of queues and devices
Easily manage what queues and devices you need to work with.
Dialling calls manually
Enter a phone number or dial a contact or account from your CRM.
Starting and ending pauses
Manage your user states at the click of a button. Track the time you have spent on different tasks and breaks.
Sending direct SMS messages
Send outgoing SMSs to your contacts or start SMS chats, allowing you to have realtime conversations with your customers.
Discover Daktela Contact Centre
The Browser extension complements your Contact Centre.
Everything you need to delight your customers in one place. Omnichannel reach, productivity tools, real-time overview and historical stats and reporting.
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