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Communication between healthcare professionals and patients must be safe, reliable and accurate.

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Meet telemedicine demand with our platform for quick video or phone appointments.
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With complete communication history, you can empower authorised personnel with clear, accurate and relevant information to save time in emergencies and successfully handle routine patient interactions.
360° Patient View with CRM Integration
Seamlessly integrate with your CRM. Automatically access a 360-degree view of your patients’ communication history when they contact you. So you can tailor every interaction to fit their specific case.
Set up SMS alerts
Use bulk SMS text messaging to send important information or gather essential feedback from your patients.
Automate with Artificial Intelligence
Transform brief notes and concepts into exceptional copy effortlessly. Simply choose the desired transformation and allow the AI to complete the task.
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"Daktela has been helping us with the growth of our customer base and the need to build more efficient communication for over 15 years."
Ludmina Foltýnová
"I feel that our cooperation with Daktela is very professional. I also appreciate the flexibility in integrating our information systems into Daktela's solution."
Ondřej Křivan
"Daktela's flexible solution helped us during COVID, when we smoothly transitioned to home office, ensuring that the customer service line was not affected.
Jaroslav Raboch
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