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Improve customer service with webchat, local numbers for international calls, and AI automation.

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Leverage your social media for sales
Manage all social media and other channel communications within your contact centre, maintaining a comprehensive history of customer interactions in one location.
Outshine the competition
Customers who have a great experience will buy again, be loyal, and recommend your business. With advanced communications, you can deliver the service customers expect.
Improve support with a unique number
Direct customers to the right experts for their queries.
Your customers can reach out from any location globally
Foreign numbers grant your services or company immediate availability overseas, facilitating market expansion at low costs.
Utilise Webchat as a sales tool

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Your Business

24/7 Support
Access round-the-clock support via phone, email, and chat, automatically. Our highly qualified technical support is available in 8 languages.
Native Omnichannel
Engage customers on their preferred channels—phone, email, or social media—while keeping a complete history in one organised thread.
Flexibility and Scalability
Select only the channels you require. As your company grows, Daktela will grow with you and adjust to your evolving needs.
Daktela AI Agents Serve You
Daktela AI Chatbot
The Daktela Chatbot, empowered with AI for contextual comprehension, facilitates human-like interactions, retains conversational context, and boosts the efficiency and quality of customer service.
Daktela AI Mailbot
Equipped with AI, the Daktela Mailbot efficiently manages a broad spectrum of email communication tasks, thereby saving time and reducing costs while offering 24/7 personalised support.
Daktela AI Voicebot
Functioning as an advanced voice assistant, the Daktela Voicebot delivers prompt and sophisticated responses to customer inquiries, mimicking the experience of conversing with a live agent.
Daktela RBM bot
The Daktela RBM bot enhances customer communication through SMS, chat, and social media by delivering multimedia content and streamlining orders and bookings. It's perfectly suited for promotional, marketing, and sales activities.
Automate with Artificial Intelligence
Transform brief notes and concepts into exceptional copy effortlessly. Simply choose the desired transformation and allow the AI to complete the task.
Daktela AI
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Find out how our customers have benefited from using Daktela to provide superior customer care.
"Daktela has been helping us with the growth of our customer base and the need to build more efficient communication for over 15 years."
Ludmina Foltýnová
"I feel that our cooperation with Daktela is very professional. I also appreciate the flexibility in integrating our information systems into Daktela's solution."
Ondřej Křivan
"Daktela's flexible solution helped us during COVID, when we smoothly transitioned to home office, ensuring that the customer service line was not affected."
Jaroslav Raboch
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