Migrate your calls to Daktela cloud and enjoy cost savings!
Expand communication capabilities to everyone in your team by setting up a Cloud Phone User account in Daktela. Utilise standard VoIP telephony, which includes a wide range of advanced features, enabling calling and receiving calls on their phone, mobile, computer, or netbook. All this within a single system used by your contact centre.
Available from anywhere
Free Internal Calls
Call from any device
Same features as a fixed line
Quick and hassle-free setup. No more waiting time.
With Cloud Phone, your team can start working in minutes without any downloads or installations
Simply log in to Daktela using your credentials for immediate access to calling features.
Maximise your productivity and call from any device.
With our mobile app, you can fully utilise all amazing features even on the go. For those who prefer working on a computer, our desktop app runs smoothly in the background and only appears when you really need it. And the best part?
Both applications are completely free for all Daktela users!
Get unlimited access to efficient communication management without any hidden costs.
Use CRM add-on and build customer database.
Enhance your customer contact management and develop a comprehensive customer database! Effortlessly store all contact details in Daktela CRM. Users have the flexibility to choose if they wish to integrate this valuable database with your contact center.
Take charge of your information and streamline operations with our CRM add-on!
Daktela CRM
Cloud Phone Benefits for Businesses
Our cloud phones for businesses provide excellent call quality and support a range of useful features for your enterprise, including call forwarding, call recording, and more.
Simple and Quick Setup
High and Guaranteed Voice Quality
Cost-Effective, Billed by the Second
Free Internal Calls within the Company
Cloud Phone Users Can Call from Abroad to the Czech Republic Without Roaming Charges
24/7 Customer Support
No Maintenance Fees
Secure Cloud Infrastructure
No Hardware Equipment Required
About VoIP Voice Services
Reduce operational costs with VoIP cloud telephony.
If you’re still using a traditional phone system, we can immediately reduce your operational costs. Regardless of your company’s size, cloud phones are the most cost-effective telephony solution.Savings include reduced energy consumption, elimination of maintenance fees, competitive calling rates, and free software updates – all contributing to your bottom line.
Migrate Your Business Calls to the Cloud
Contact us to improve and streamline your business calling solutions.
Automatically with every Cloud Phone license
Modern Voice Solution
Utilize voice services via VoIP and enjoy a comprehensive, fully digital, secure, and significantly more cost-effective solution that fully replaces existing landlines or mobile phones.
Internet calling
Utilize Cloud Phone on your landline, mobile, tablet, or computer. Our solution enables you and your employees to make calls from anywhere
Daktela Apps
Sign in to Daktela on your computer or mobile phone using our application and use any device as a full-featured phone.
Calling in 60 countries.
We will assign you public phone numbers in 60 countries around the world.
Phone number transfer
Transfer your existing phone numbers to us, or we can set up entirely new ones for you. We won't give you any trouble when transferring to another operator.
Internal free calls
All your employees with a Cloud Phone license or any Daktela license can make calls within the company for free.
Contact Management
Use your existing contacts in the Cloud Phone application or create new ones to keep your database up to date.
Call tracking
Keep track of received, dialed, or missed calls across your devices.
Status Setting
Set your status with a single click, indicating whether you are online or busy and unable to take calls."
Automatic Free Updates
We regularly perform system updates, ensuring that you always have access to modern and secure voice services.
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