Daktela Copilot
Transforming Contact Centre Support with Advanced AI Solutions
Accelerated Query Resolution

Efficiently sift through tickets and interactions with automated summarisation, empowering agents to swiftly address issues while ensuring crucial dates and events are not overlooked, thereby saving time and enhancing customer engagement.
Customise Communications
Copilot enables personalised communication tailored to the preferences of your customers, modifying content across various styles and formats to improve comprehension and customer satisfaction.
Reduce Errors
Automated summarization and precise analysis by Copilot minimize the chance of missing critical information, ensuring accuracy in every interaction.
Enhanced Quality
Through adaptive rephrasing and translation, Copilot ensures every communication is crystal clear, comprehensible, and customized to meet customer preferences.
Boost Agent Productivity
Copilot amplifies agent efficiency by automating mundane tasks and optimizing workflows, enabling them to assist more customers in shorter timeframes.
Impeccable Communication
Copilot's AI enhances text quality by automatically correcting spelling mistakes and refining textual precision, drastically reducing errors for more polished customer engagements.
Customisable Flexibility
With customizable prompts, Copilot allows agents to tailor AI assistance for specific requirements, enriching the overall service quality.
Expansive Global Reach
By effortlessly transcending language barriers, Copilot broadens your service accessibility to a global audience, thereby widening your market potential.
Your ally in enhanced customer communication
Bridge Language Gaps with a Single Click
Facilitate instant text translation for effortless cross-languagecommunication, breaking down linguistic barriers and expanding your service reach to global customers.
GPT custom prompts
Customise Communications
When a call arrives, Daktela consults external systems like CRM or ERP to decide the routing. This allows customer segmentation information to guide the PBX in directing calls correctly.
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