Incoming calls
Calls to direct numbers or IVR extensions go into call queues. Operators in these queues are assigned by the PBX based on predefined rules.
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Recording calls
Record incoming and outgoing calls, including transferred calls. Recordings can be searched and played directly in the web interface.
IVR - voice signposting
Daktela supports the creation of an unlimited number of IVR trees that can be chained. Setup is done via the web interface, including uploading custom messages.
Queues & skills
Daktela supports priority setting on queues and skills with operators, based on which the PBX selects the most suitable operator to handle the call.
Intelligent call routing
Daktela allows for detailed call queue configurations.
The LastAgent feature routes incoming calls to the operator who last spoke with the customer.
Ensures a seamless experience for the customer.
Prevents repetitive explanations by the customer.
Let your agents focus on meaningful tasks
Use voicebots and chatbots for routine communication. Automate repetitive tasks and get insights into your activities. Make your agents' work easier with our Copilot.
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Customer card
Call Data Automation
When a call comes in, the customer’s card is automatically retrieved. When the call ends, this card is automatically updated without any manual intervention by the operator. This creates a complete communication history with the customer.
External system
Dynamic Call Routing
When a call arrives, Daktela consults external systems like CRM or ERP to decide the routing. This allows customer segmentation information to guide the PBX in directing calls correctly.
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